Emergency Dentist in St Kilda, Melbourne

Dental emergencies can cause significant pain and swelling, as well as lead to more serious problems in the future. An emergency is defined as any dental problem that requires urgent treatment to stop bleeding, relieve severe pain, or save a tooth. This also applies to serious infections that can be fatal.

At Capital Dental Care we provideemergency dental carethat saves you from excessive aches and discomfort. Our team of expert dentists has been specially trained to handle emergencies, whether major or minor. With years of experience, they are certified to carry out all kinds of treatments.

Emergency Dentist in St Kilda

Emergency Dental Care Services Offered at Capital Dental Care

Some life-threatening situations can arise from dental emergencies. To alleviate your symptoms and eliminate the infection, an emergency dentist will prescribe pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medications, and antibiotics. If you are experiencing dental pain or other problems but are unsure whether you should call anemergency dentist, here are some scenarios that do. Some of these include:

  • Agonising Pain: A toothache can be excruciating at times, but some people will simply take pain relievers and ignore the problem. It is still best to see the dentist right away, not only to relieve the pain but also to determine its exact cause. You may mistake a simple toothache for a medical problem involving the ears or nasal tissues, especially if the pain originates from the same location.

  • Bleeding: Trauma to the gums, lips, cheeks, or tongue can result in bleeding. You can try applying a cold compress to the area to stop the bleeding, but if that does not work, you should see a dentist right away. To stop the bleeding completely, they may need to stitch the wound or cauterise the tissue.

  • Teeth Fractures: Did you get into a bar brawl or accidentally bump into something hard, causing your teeth to break or chip? Our experienced dentists can still save your teeth if you visit them instantaneously after the accident with the parts of your broken tooth/teeth, of course. This allows you to keep your natural teeth while avoiding the cost of a crown or bridge procedure.

  • Crown or lost filling: This can cause pain, as well as the embarrassment of having a gap in your teeth in front of others. The sooner you repair or replace it, the better you will look and feel.

  • Foreign objects lodged between teeth: Some people will bite everything with their teeth rather than using the proper tools. As a result, they are injured and may have a foreign object lodged between their teeth. If this happens to you, try using dental floss first, but if that does not work, see a professional right away. Forcefully removing the foreign matter may aggravate the pain, damage your teeth or gums, and cause bleeding. Our expert dentists will be able to inspect the area closely with their instruments and understand precisely how to proceed without causing further damage.

  • Infections: Unfortunately, some people ignore seemingly minor oral problems because they believe they can still handle the pain. Such a mindset can lead to more serious issues that necessitate emergency dental services.

Why Choose Capital Dental Care for Dental Emergency?

Sometimes our mouth and teeth problems cannot wait until the morning or the end of the weekend. At Capital Dental Care, we specialise in emergency dental care and provide a welcoming and gentle environment to offer all kinds of dental treatments. We will provide you with excellent emergency dental care that is transparent and attentive to each patient’s needs.

Our well-trained team understands that emergency dental problems can be stressful. The professionals do everything to make you feel at ease and supported throughout the process to ensure that our clients are taken care of. To provide a hassle-free consultation treatment, our emergency dentists are available at your service on call. If you are in dire need of adental emergency, get in touch with the experts at Capital Dental Care in St Kilda, Melbourne.

We have dental experts who have been trained to handle difficult emergency situations with utmost care and skill. Visit our website to learn more about our emergency dental services.

You can call us on 03 9533 7094 or email us at info@capitaldentalcare.com.au to get in touch with our team.